The Digital Communication Journal: Building an Online COMMunity for Student Dialogue
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Understanding Listening Competency: A Systematic Review of Research Scales
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An Inventory of Listening Competency Dimensions
Co-Author: Andrew D. Wolvin
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The Art of Public Narrative: Teaching Students How to Construct Memorable Anecdotes
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Listening to Stories: An Initial Assessment of Student Listening Characteristics
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The Music of Speech: Layering Musical Elements to Deliver Powerful Messages
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Transmitting Musical Images: Using Classical Music to Teach Public Speaking
Co-Author: Thomas E. Wei
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It’s All About the Audience
Published in Toastmaster

Eliminating the Dreaded Um
Published in Harvard Extension School Alumni Bulletin

A View from the Balcony
Published in Toastmaster

The Digital Classroom: Using Technology to Teach Communication Skills
Co-Authors: Rowena Briones & Andi Narvaez
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Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker: Using Imagery to Captivate Your Listeners
Published in Rostrum

Leading Through Speech: How Leaders Champion Their Cause
Published in Rostrum